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Memorandum of Cooperation with the Bulgarian Competition Authority

The Hungarian Competition Authority (GVH) signed a memorandum of cooperation with the Bulgarian Competition Authority that replaces the agreement concluded before in 1995.

The renewal of the memorandum of cooperation was necessary because of the accession of Bulgaria to the EU. Consequently, in the field of law, the participation in the work of the European Competition Network (ECN) became possible also for the Bulgarian Competition Authority. In this way the cooperation between the two competition authorities will mostly take place within that framework.

The document expresses the two parties intention of cooperation and provide appropriate frames for the cooperation in the future. For the Bulgarian Competition Authority the Hungarian experiences in the field of competition law enforcement may be very useful. Therefore the memorandum expressly refers to the fact that the GVH will share its knowledge on this field with the Bulgarian colleagues. The cooperation covers the mutual sharing of information and the coordination in connection with the infringements of competition law with an effect on both parties' markets.

President Petko Nikolov representing the Bulgarian party and Zoltán Nagy, President of the GVH signed the document.

Budapest, 20 February 2007

Hungarian Competition Authority
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