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Whirlpool may have deceived consumers with its promises on repair activities

According to the Hungarian Competition Authority some information on the website of Whirlpool Magyarország Kft. (Whirlpool Hungary Ltd.) in connection with repair activities may have deceived consumers, since Whirlpool did not completely keep the following promises it had made:

  • Whirlpool promised that between March 2005 and 22 September 2006 in Budapest in 24 hours, in the countryside in 48 hours, and

  • between 22 September and 16 November 2006 in Budapest in 1, in the countryside in 2 working-days

of receipt of a failure report (notification), its fitter would visit the notifier.

The information about characteristics of consumer goods, such as the existence of a warranty, the conditions of its utilization, the time limit for providing the services in the warranty, as well as the circumstances and the rapidity of the repairs, is suitable for the unfair manipulation of consumer choice.

From March 2005 until 22 September 2006 Whirlpool informed consumers on its website that repairs would be made in Budapest in 24 hours, in the countryside in 48 hours after it have received the failure report. Based on the available data it has not been proven that Whirlpool was able to keep these promises.

From the 22 September 2006 until 16 November 2006 the information was altered. Whirlpool stated that repairs would be made in Budapest in 1, in the countryside in 2 working days after receipt of the failure report. However, in both of these periods, it was not ensured for Whirlpool completely to keep its promise (and it did not keep it in each case, in fact).

From the 16 November 2006 the deadlines concerning the repairs were not indicated on the website.

Though the GVH established the infringement of the law, it did not find it necessary to fine Whirlpool for it.

Case-number: Vj-165/2006

Budapest, 13 March 2007

Hungarian Competition Authority
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