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Renewed Customer Service at the Hungarian Competition Authority from March

From the 1 st of March, the Gazdasági Versenyhivatal (GVH - Hungarian Competition Authority) is renewing its Customer Service. The primary aim of the renewal is to make the handling of customer informal complaints as efficient as possible.

In previous years there have been thousands of consumer complaints submitted to the GVH, mainly concerning individual harms. More than 90% of these informal complaints were not suitable for the initiation of competition supervision proceedings.

The increasing number of consumer complaints means that the registration, handling and processing aspects of the complaint-handling system of the GVH have to be renewed. The leadership of the GVH started this renewal process in January 2010; but the most recently introduced changes constitute a further step forward. One of the most important aims of the renewed Customer Service is to filter the complaints in advance, as this will enable the case handlers to focus on the competition supervision proceedings more efficiently in the future.

It is also an aim of the Customer Service to create a new database in order to store those customer complaints that have not been sufficient to initiate competition supervision proceedings.

However, these changes do not affect the application procedure of the GVH, thus consumers can still download the application form from the GVH-s website and after filling it in correctly, they can still submit it to the authority to initiate competition supervision proceedings.

With the renewal of the Customer Service, the GVH has launched a new menu for consumers on its website. This provides detailed information on the functions of the GVH and on the submission of inquiries. Other useful information can also be found on the website.

Budapest, 1 st of March 2011

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