The representatives of the undertakings concerned – according to the rules of the Competition Act – are entitled to access the files that have been generated in the course of their official cases; they may make copies, or for a fee may have copies or certified copies made, all of which may then be used in the cases in question.

As a main rule, the GVH provides access to file – in accordance with the Communication on Contact with the GVH – through online access, via the Virtual Data Room.

The GVH provides access to file via attendance in person only in the case of documents larger than 50 MB or documents containing restricted access data, or if the access to the Virtual Data Room is not possible due to technical issues.


Detailed information may be found on the homepage of the GVH in the Communication on the Right to Access to File in the Competition Council Stage of the Competition Supervision Proceeding (the document is only available in Hungarian).