The Hungarian Competition Authority (GVH) has been conducting surveys of the general population and specific target groups of the GVH (contractors, lawyers and economic journalists) for years. The surveys assess the targeted groups’ awareness of the authority, competition rules, proceedings of the GVH, opinions concerning the activities performed by the GVH, their overall attitudes in relation to competition, and also the accuracy of their knowledge of competition law. The GVH carries out this type of research on a regular basis in order to gain more information and obtain an empirically based picture of the actual level of development of competition culture, the state of the Hungarian competition culture, and changing level of awareness regarding the GVH and its proceedings. The surveys can be primarily divided in two groups: complex and public awareness surveys. In accordance with its operating principles, the GVH makes both the basic questionnaire compiled in 2010 based on its experience of several years and the results of the assessments available to the public.