The Hungarian Competition Authority (GVH) carries out public awareness surveys usually on a yearly or occasional basis. These surveys focus on less topics unlike the complex surveys and examine the level of awareness of the GVH’s activities among the general public. The surveys concern the activities of the GVH, such as the achievements of competition supervision proceedings, competition advocacy, sectorial inquiries, competition culture development and communication campaigns. The most frequently surveyed topics are related to the competition supervision proceedings launched by the GVH. The aim of these surveys is to reveal the level of awareness of the public regarding the proceedings of the GVH and the behaviours or actions that result in the initiation of such proceedings. The surveys also examine the source(s) of the respondents’ awareness and the degree of knowledge they possess of the most important details of the relevant proceedings.

The GVH is striving to uniformly survey the awareness of its activities in order to facilitate the easy comparison of results. For this purpose a basic questionnaire has been created based on the 2009 survey and the experience of previous years. This questionnaire addresses problems that have been identified with previous surveys, taking into consideration the fact that the surveys usually cover similar topics. It is hoped that the basic questionnaire will make it easier to compare data and that the whole process will be streamlined.

The basic questionnaire and the surveys are available only in Hungarian.