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The International Competition Network (ICN) is a forum for informal co-operation of competition authorities. Competition authorities from 14 jurisdictions founded the network in October 2001 - the GVH joined in January 2002. In 2006 the ICN celebrated a milestone with its membership reaching 100 competition agencies from 88 jurisdictions.

From the launch in 2001 on, several studies, reports and recommendations of considerable professional value have been worked out in the various working groups (Mergers, Competition Policy Implementation, Telecom, Cartels, Unilateral Conduct). They can be found on the homepage of the organisation.

Of the ICN working groups, the GVH has undertook an especially active role in the Cartel working group, which prepared a template in 2005 presenting the system of cartel rules of each national authority.

Hungarian related ICN documents about merger and cartel issues can be found on our homepage:

Relating to mergers.

Relating to cartels.