Decision Vj-206/2005 of the Competition Council of the Hungarian Competition Authority : Katedra Nyelviskola Kft.

The Competition Council of the Hungarian Competition Authority (Gazdasági Versenyhivatal - GVH) established in its decision, issued on 20 April 2006, that Katedra Nyelviskola Kft (Katedra Language School) infringed the provisions on the prohibition of unfair manipulation of consumer choice of the Hungarian Competition Act.

The advertisement of Katedra stated in small letters that "according to the Act on Business Advertising Activity we may not declare that", and then continued, in large letters, that "Katedra is the best language school". Also, in the same advertisement, several statements were made about Katedra, which presumably supported the above superlative assertion (e.g. "Katedra launches the most language courses"; "most companies choose Katedra", etc.) In the competition supervision proceeding, the Competition Council concluded that Katedra could not prove some of the superlative statements, which were thus deemed to be contrary to the provisions of the Competition Act. The Competition Council of the GVH declared that the advertisement of Katedra Language School was unlawful, but it did not imposed any fine.

Budapest, 21 April, 2006

Hungarian Competition Authority
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