Decision Vj-3/2006 of the Competition Council of the Hungarian Competition Authority: Logisztár Székesfehérvári Logisztikai Szolgáltató Központ Tulajdonosi és Fejlesztő Kft.

The Competition Council of the Hungarian Competition Authority (Gazdasági Versenyhivatal - GVH) established in its decision, issued on 14 September 2006, that Logisztár, a dominant undertaking on the market of the customs area operated by it, infringed the provisions on the prohibition of abuse of a dominant position of the Hungarian Competition Act. The reason Logisztár was in a dominant position because the customs area it operated was not accessible from anywhere else and there was no reasonable substitute for a special group of consumers.

The GVH found that Logisztár acted unlawfully when it charged a fee from that group of consumers which were not summoned by the customs office (even from those going on foot) who entered the customs area.

The Competition Council of the GVH ordered the termination of Logisztár`s unlawful conduct but it did not impose a fine. Relating to the parking fees issued by Logisztár, the Competition Council terminated the proceedings.

Budapest, 15 September, 2006

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