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Csigavér driving school changing its advertisement

The Competition Council of the Hungarian Competition Authority (GVH) accepted the commitments offered by Csigavér 01. Autósiskola Kft. (Csigavér 01. Driving School Ltd.), and terminated its proceeding against the undertaking. Csigavér has undertaken to change its advertising practice to bring it into compliance with the Competition Act.

The GVH initiated a proceeding after it had observed that the driving school used the slogans "The best price!", "Best priced training courses for motorcyclists!" and "Our school... has the most modern fleet of cars!" in its advertisements and on its homepage. After the initiation of the proceeding, however, Csigavér informed the GVH that the objectionable statements were no more on its homepage. In addition the undertaking committed itself not to use the slogans in the future and to modify the already published advertisements in 60 days.

The GVH accepted the commitments and terminated the proceeding by an injunction. According to the Competition Act, where the undertaking which is party in a proceeding undertakes commitments to ensure compliance of its practices with the legal provisions and where effective safeguarding of the public interest can be ensured in this manner, the Competition Council make those commitments binding on the party, without concluding in the injunction whether or not there has been or still is an infringement of the law. However, this injunction does not exclude the initiating of a new proceeding in case of an essential alteration of the circumstances. The GVH will hold a post-investigation in order to check the observance of the commitments.

Case number: Vj-41/2007

Budapest, 19 July 2007

Hungarian Competition Authority
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