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UPC Magyarország Telekommunikációs Kft. (UPC Hungary Telecommunication Ltd) deceived its consumers with through its advertisements published about the joint use of its cable television and telephone services - established the Hungarian Competition Authority (GVH). A fine of EUR 137.000 was imposed on the undertaking because of the infringement of law.

A proceeding was initiated against UPC by the GVH in May 2007, because the GVH suspected, that UPC published incomplete information about telephone charges and about the fidelity statements connected to the services.

In the course of the promotion, the advertisements on the television and on the radio as well as on the billboards of UPC do not, or not in a proper way, informed consumers about the fact, that the promised reduction could be used only in return for a fidelity statement. From the advertisement of the undertaking it had not always become clear, what program package was to be subscribed to get the preferential monthly and entry fees. The UPC does not, or not properly, informed consumers about the promoted monthly fees being only valid for a limited period of time, nor about the duration of the promoted period. Furthermore, in the advertisements, which infringed the law, it was not, or not properly, indicated whether certain promotions exclusively applied to the new or to both the new and old subscribers.

Because of the misleading of consumers a fine of EUR 137.000 was imposed on the undertaking by the GVH. Calculating the fines, the GVH took into consideration the leading position of the undertaking on the cable television market, and the wide range of its advertising activities. Furthermore it was an aggravating circumstance, that UPC was a repeat offender of the prohibition of misleading consumers.

Case number: Vj- 85/2007

Budapest, 16 November 2007

Hungarian Competition Authority
Communication Group

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