24 November 2022, Budapest – “It is worth doing business fairly. Not the one following the rules is a loser,” this was the message of the heads of the Hungarian Competition Authority (GVH) and the National Food Chain Safety Office (Nébih) to young entrepreneurs at a roundtable discussion held in Budapest during the Young Entrepreneurs Week.

The National Association of Young Entrepreneurs (FIVOSZ) organised the Young Entrepreneurs Week for the 15th time. At the Budapest stage of the series of events, held in several towns nationwide, FIVOSZ organised a roundtable discussion with the participation of the heads of the Hungarian Competition Authority (GVH) and the National Food Chain Safety Office (Nébih), under the title ‘The rules of the game - borders and authorities’.

At the meeting, László Bak, Vice President of the Hungarian Competition Authority, presented the benefits and the most important legal requirements of fair market competition. The GVH manager responsible for the authority’s investigations stressed that complying with competition rules was the best decision, both for society and for the undertaking concerned. He said: "Compliance with the law always pays off, because a cartel fine, loss of image and exclusion from public procurement can cost an undertaking several years of business and may destroy the work it has built up. It is worth operating ‘fairly,” László Bak emphasised. The vice president of GVH pointed out: “It is very important that the young generation of entrepreneurs should be aware that fair competition between undertakings is not only a social requirement, but also in the interest of the undertaking. Because by distorting it, the undertaking is disconnected from customer demands and the beneficial drive to innovate and getting caught can result in huge amounts of fines and significant market losses. Therefore, rationally thinking entrepreneurs soon understand that not the one following the rules is the loser,” summarised his thoughts László Bak.

Márton Oravecz, President of the National Food Chain Safety Office, called the attention of the participants to the importance of partnership and joint thinking. He highlighted: “I am proud that Nébih is not only an outstandingly useful but is also a helping authority in the minds of the people. In an area as complex and sensitive as the food chain, where a mistake could ultimately endanger even human life, a clear set of rules is indispensable for safe operations. Therefore, rules are in the interests not only of honest business but also of consumers. It is also important for young entrepreneurs to take the time to get to know the framework of their own activities. However, do not forget that nothing is ‘carved in stone’, you can almost always improve and make things better based on experience, which ‘only’ requires dialogue. Nébih's experts are always open to this joint thinking and to reasonable suggestions for improvement based on practical experience,” stressed Márton Oravecz.

The heads of GVH and Nébih agreed that in the long run it is worth to do business fairly. Therefore, they urged the participants of the event to respect the law and to respect their customers and consumers.

Press Office of the GVH

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