Budapest, 14 July 2022 - The Hungarian Competition Authority (GVH) has launched an investigation against Magyar Telekom for possibly informing consumers about the terms and conditions of loyalty discounts unfairly in its campaign.

The Hungarian Competition Authority has started an investigation against Magyar Telekom Távközlési Nyrt. for allegedly misleadingly promoting its discounts on mobile internet traffic for loyalty periods.

The company's campaign messages (e.g. 'you will receive 50% discount on your monthly mobile net fee for 3 months plus 30 GB mobile net free of charge for 90 days in Hungary if you agree to a 1-year loyalty period for your mobile subscription in the Telekom application') may have given the impression that consumers could claim the promised discounts by subscribing to an additional one-year loyalty period for their existing package. However, the GVH assumes that some customers could have become eligible for the discounts only by way of signing a contract for a new tariff package with terms different from the existing one. Therefore, Telekom's campaign could have misleadingly and unfairly influenced consumer deicisons.

Launching the competition proceedings does not mean that the company has committed an infringement. The aim of the procedure is to clarify the facts and thereby to prove the presumed infringement. The time frame for the procedure is three months, which may be extended twice, if justified, each time by a maximum period of two months.

Case registration number: VJ/24/2022

GVH Press Office

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