Budapest, 30 September 2022 – The OECD-GVH Regional Centre for Competition in Budapest and the Croatian Competition Agency held a three-day joint seminar on the regulation of digital markets.

         The Regional Centre for Competition in Budapest (Hungary) (RCC), run jointly by the Hungarian Competition Authority (GVH) and the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), held a three-day seminar in cooperation with the Croatian Competition Agency on 28-30 September 2022. Zagreb was chosen as the venue of the RCC seminar considering that the Croatian Competition Agency celebrated its 25th anniversary of its establishment on the opening day of the event. The relationship between the Hungarian and Croatian authorities is stronger than ever, and it is part of the tradition of the Regional Centre to organise one of its seminars jointly with a beneficiary authority. It was one of the reasons that the event took place in Zagreb, the first event of the Regional Centre abroad since the coronavirus pandemic.

Competition officials from 16 different economies in Eastern, South-Eastern and Central Europe gathered in Zagreb to attend the seminar on ex-ante regulation and competition enforcement in digital markets. The competition law training – preceded by the Croatian authority's jubilee conference event – started with a welcome speech by Csaba Balázs Rigó, President of the Hungarian Competition Authority. Participants then had the opportunity to explore the ex-ante regulation and competition enforcement of digital markets with the help of Croatian and Hungarian experts, as well as experts from the OECD and the European Commission. The three-day seminar showed how competition authorities can contribute to shaping the future regulation of digital markets and how they can use current provisions to ensure effective enforcement.

The professional programme of the GVH and the OECD will continue in October with a training course for the staff of the Hungarian Competition Authority.

Press Office of the GVH

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