22 November 2022, Budapest – The Hungarian Competition Authority (GVH) has launched an educational video to help traders in lawful price indication and launching promotions, so that Hungarians can better assess the discounts they are promised. The video of the GVH is closely linked to the campaign the authority launched on its social networking site during this year's Black Friday promotions.

Since 28 May 2022, each and every trader in Hungary must display prices according to clearer rules so that consumers can make an informed choice when considering promotional offers. Following changes in legislation, the Hungarian Competition Authority performed a comprehensive sweep of a sample of operators in the sector that frequently offer discounts and coupons (domestic online shops selling clothing products) to see what steps they have taken to provide consumers with proper information.

Based on the results of the sweep, the authority formulated several proposals to traders and summarised them in an educational video. The video presents the renewed legal set of requirements in an understandable way, with positive and negative examples, and helps to avoid the typical price indication problems identified during the sweep. The objective of the Authority is to support traders active in Hungary to understand the set of rules and to comply with them. Undertakings can avoid consumer and regulatory disputes arising from misleading promotions, and consumers can find clear and easy-to-understand promotions in their local shops and online stores.

In addition to the educational video, the Hungarian Competition Authority recommends that traders study also the information material published at the Government’s Consumer Protection Portal.

The educational video of the Hungarian Competition Authority on price discounts and the rules for displaying prices is available here:


Before the end of year sales season, the Hungarian Competition Authority publishes mini-videos on its social media site  to help consumers and undertakings make informed decisions and develop lawful promotions.

Press Office of the GVH

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