Budapest, 6 September 2022 - After three years, the Hungarian Competition Law Forum, the outstanding event of Hungarian competition law, took place again with a personal presence and considerable interest. The conference brought together the most topical issues in the world of competition law, with the participation of the national and international elite of the profession.

         The Hungarian Competition Law Forum was held for the fifth time in cooperation between the Hungarian Competition Authority (GVH) and the Hungarian Competition Law Association. After 2019 and following the years of pandemic, the professional community was able to meet again in a face-to-face format in the banquet hall of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. More than 200 lawyers, judges, corporate and regulatory professionals and press representatives registered for the most important event in Hungarian competition law.

In line with its tradition, the conference focused again on the most relevant issues in the field of competition law through presentations and panel discussions. Among others, the discussion was facilitated by Mirta Kapural, President of the Croatian Competition Authority, Csaba Balázs Rigó, President of the GVH, Zoltán Hegymegi-Barakonyi, President of the Hungarian Competition Law Association, András Tóth, Deputy President of the GVH and President of the Competition Council, Nóra Kupecki, Deputy State Secretary of the Ministry of Justice and Richard Whish, one of the world's most respected competition law experts. This year's Forum concentrated on cartels and other horizontal agreements, as well as on certain types of consumer protection issues - such as the impact of price communications on consumer behaviour -, and compliance and self-regulation issues in digital markets.

"Many professionals in our country are working for fair competition in the market. Judges, government officials, regulators, lawyers, associations and more are all working to protect consumers. They all form a professional community. Every community, including that of competition law, needs dialogue." - said Csaba Balázs Rigó, President of the GVH, in his opening speech.

"This professional dialogue is of particular relevance and importance now, as in the current difficult economic situation, market players are faced with a number of challenges to which they need to find answers and solutions. However, these market responses must be lawful and comply with competition law requirements", said Zoltán Hegymegi-Barakonyi, President of the Hungarian Competition Law Association.

Press Office of the GVH

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