10 May 2023, Budapest - Inflation in food prices has been slowing down for the third month in a row, thanks to a number of factors including government measures and the active role of the GVH. However, prices for services on the market have increased, and the Hungarian Competition Authority (GVH) will, in the coming period, put a strong emphasis on examining certain market characteristics of the services sector directly affecting consumers. Accordingly, the Hungarian Competition Authority has continued the series of consultations it started last year by listening to representatives of the funeral sector.

The cost of funerals in Hungary has risen sharply in the last 5 years, and Hungarian people - often in a vulnerable situation - are paying increasingly more funerals from personal loans. The price of funeral services has increased by at least 47% since 2018. According to KSH (Hungarian Central Statistical Centre) data, a funeral with a coffin costs a minimum of HUF 325,000, while the average price for a funeral with cremation was HUF 93,000 less in 2022.

Therefore, the Hungarian Competition Authority launched a series of consultations six months ago to get informed about what is happening in the markets and to raise awareness among economic operators and their representative associations of the key importance of fair competition. In the framework of the series, the GHV consulted with the National Association of Funeral Directors

At the meeting, Béla Puskás, President of the organisation, presented the situation of the sector, the challenges, and future perspectives, in particular the work of the professional organisations representing the sector, the trends in the funeral market during the coronavirus pandemic and the energy crisis, the structure of the market verticals and the players.

The parties overviewed the relevant areas of competition law and stressed the importance of competition law compliance. At the same time, the National Association of Funeral Directors will submit to the authority its proposals for legislative amendments affecting the sector.

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