The Gazdasági Versenyhivatal (Hungarian Competition Authority, hereinafter: GVH) found that five undertakings had engaged in unlawful activities in public procurement procedures, which were typically funded by the EU, for the provision of specialised bins, vehicles and equipment for waste collection. The GVH imposed fines amounting to a total of over EUR 2.5 M on the undertakings concerned.

The investigation revealed that the undertakings concerned, namely JUMBO LOG Kft., RESTONE Kft., Profi-Bagger Kft., M-U-T Kft. and MENTO Kft., had taken part in procurement procedures and had shared unlawful information with each other: they had concerted their offers and they had agreed on the winner in advance. The GVH found evidence relating to the cartel during the unannounced inspections it carried out on the undertakings’ premises.

The GVH imposed the maximum competition supervision fine that it can impose on the majority of the undertakings concerned. At the same time, the GVH reduced the fines imposed on JUMBO LOG Kft., RESTONE Kft. and Profi-Bagger Kft. by 30% for their cooperation during the settlement procedure and for waiving their right to a legal remedy.

According to the settlement procedure, the GVH reduces the amount of the fine to be imposed on the undertaking subject to the proceeding if it admits to the infringement in question based on the evidence discovered during the investigation and it waives certain procedural rights and its right to seek a legal remedy. A successful settlement procedure contributes to a faster and less resource intensive proceeding.

Official registration number of the case: VJ/77/2016.

Budapest, 5 December 2019.

Hungarian Competition Authority


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