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Case number:


Type of case:

Mergers and acquisitions

Undertaking(s) concerned:

Ökombi GmbH, MÁV Cargo Zrt, Rail Cargo Austria AG, Hungarokombi Kft.

Short description:

On 7 April 2009 Ökombi GmbH entered into a contract for acquiring 18,78 % of the shares of Hungarokombi Kft. Ökombi also informed the GVH that Rail Cargo Austria AG/MÁV Cargo Zrt. -intends to acquire- 13 % of the voting shares of Hungarokombi. As a result of the concentration, the RCA-group would acquire 100% shares from the Hungarian RoLa-service organisation market.


The Hungarian Competition Authority granted authorisation for Ökombi GmbH and MÁV Cargo Zrt. to jointly acquire direct control - and hereby Rail Cargo Austria AG to acquire indirect control - over which is interested in combined transportation services.


4 November 2009

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