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Case number:

Vj/1/2017 and Vj/15/2017

Type of case:


Undertaking(s) concerned:

Infineon Technologies AG

Cree Fayetteville, Inc.

Cree, Inc.

Cree Sweden AB

Short description

On 10 January 2017 the GVH authorised in 8 days that Infineon Technologies AG could obtain direct and sole control above Cree Fayetteville, Inc.; furthermore, it authorised that the capacity and radio frequency semiconductor business branch of Cree, Inc. and the Cree Sweden AB could become part of Infineon Technologies AG.

However, based on the warning of the American competition authority (Federal Trade Commission), the GVH later became aware of the fact that in the competition supervision procedure Infineon Technologies AG had supposedly provided incomplete and misleading information relating to the size of the markets affected by the concentration, and consequently also about the market shares of the groups of undertakings affected by the concentration. Therefore the Competition Council of the GVH ordered a full investigation of the concentration.


The GVH withdrew its authorisation of the concentration due to misleading information and imposed a fine of more than 75 million HUF.


10 January 2017 and 2 May 2017

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